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So You Think You Want To Be A Van Dweller!

Let's See If The Van Dwelling Lifestyle Is Really For You.

WHY DO YOU WANT THIS? - Some of the points below may, or may not apply to you.

You've seen all the great videos on Youtube and are drawn to the way of life.

You want to reduce your carbon footprint.

You've lost your job, so now can't afford your rent.

You like to travel, and this is the perfect way to do it.

You've fed up with your 9-5 existence.

You have a van and want to convert it.
There are many reasons why people chose this lifestyle, and all would say that the positives far out way any negatives. However, is this just a case of the seasoned van dweller accepting the hardships as just ordinary van life.

QUESTION: Could you accept your bodily functions dictating your everyday routine. "it won't effect me, I'll park in nature, and use a shovel" so picture this, it's night time, you have your shovel in one hand, and torch in the other, but do you have an umbrella and another hand, because tonight the rain is lashing down. Shit happens, literally.

Hopefully that made you sit up and think. What's that you say, no hardship we'll have a small toilet in the van, pull it out whenever we need it. Lot's of people do this, and for solo travelers a great solution, some couples are also ok with this, but now you have to ask, will this suit you and your significant other? Most people value their privacy, perhaps now would be a good time to ask your partner.

Do you own a van, or will you have to buy one?. As well as a toilet, gas and solar would also be nice, do you have the skills and tools to convert said van? Have you the finances for this project?. When completed, do you have the money for fuel, and any breakdowns you may incur?.

IMPORTANT: How are you going to support you new life style?

There are many more things to consider, but the above should give you pause for thought.

TIPS: If you're not 100% sure this is for you, then don't give up your apartment and job, dip your toe in the water first. Become a weekend warrior, see if this really is the life for you.

Want to take it a stage further, how about working for six months, at the same time living in your van, and with your savings take off for six months. Rinse and repeat.

We moved to Spain from England 14 years ago, but statistics show over 50% of expats return to England within 3 years. There can be many factors why this could be, did they do their homework? Maybe the life they chose wasn't for them, perhaps the language was a problem, or they missed the security of their families, and probably finances played a role.

DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC: Check out all the negatives of van life and how they could effect you, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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