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Safety Is A Key Consideration When Owning A Campervan

If you're buying a new or fairly new campervan or motorhome, the chances are it's going to be at least the second most expensive item you will ever purchase. Even if your finances don't run to a high end vehicle, and you buy a van and convert it yourself, (as I have done twice). Nobody wants to be broken into, or worse still have their vehicle stolen.

We can definitely stop the opportunist thief, but it's difficult to stop the determined professional. He probably knows the weaknesses of the most popular vehicles on the market, therefore we have to take extra precautions.

Visual Deterrent

This can take many forms; curtains across the windows and bulkhead makes it difficult to see if the vehicle is occupied.

A large dog water and food bowl outside the sliding/entrance door, no-one wants to mess with the threat of a large dog.

A simple alarm sticker on the windows and doors.

Physical Deterrent

A steering lock either just on the steering wheel, or attached to the steering wheel and clutch pedal, or full steering wheel cover, they could all prevent your vehicle from being stolen. But does this deterrent say to the thief, you are away from your vehicle, and as such are a good candidate for a break in?
Not to be overlooked is the clutch claw and a heavy duty wheel clamp.